Care Navigation & Coordination - What You'll Learn

The Care Navigation & Coordination certificate program from Seattle Central College is designed with healthcare workers in mind. As a student, you'll build your knowledge and skills to:

  • Guide patients through the complex care system
  • Educate patients in how to access resources and decrease barriers to wellness
  • Gain insights into behavioral health conditions
  • Empower patients to achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn to function as part of interdisciplinary care teams

Contact us to learn more about Learning Outcomes for this program, and how to get started.

The Care Navigation and Coordination Certificate can be completed over two quarters: 

Quarter 1 (Fall)

SHS 121 Introduction to Care Navigation and Coordination (5 Credits)---Introduces the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to practice care navigation for the benefit of the client. Focus on human services and healthcare systems, social determinants of health, health literacy, chronic illness, risk and protective factors. This is the first of two courses leading to a certificate in care navigation.

Quarter 2 (Winter)

SHS 122 Care Navigation and Coordination: Systems of Care (5 Credits)—Explores at an advanced level: healthcare communication strategies, health insurance systems, population health management, transitions of care, risk and protective factors in wellness promotion, preventive care, information technology in healthcare, and care plans.

Total credits: 10