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Care Navigation and Coordination Certificate

Short-Term Certificate

The Care Navigation and Coordination program is designed to prepare students to assist clients and patients in navigating the social services and healthcare systems, and to be strong members of teams providing coordinated, client and patient-centered care. Students will learn about factors affecting patients such as chronic disease, behavioral health, wellness and patient activation and engagement as well as communication strategies such as patient/client coaching, motivational interviewing, and health literacy.

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Degree Quarters Credits
Short-Term Certificate Full Time:
Part Time: 2

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  • Apply care navigation strategies with activation and engagement strategies when working with client and interdisciplinary teams.
  • Consider the impact of demographic, age, physical, emotional, and social aspects of chronic disease and behavioral health, when linking clients to supportive resources and services.
  • Employ health literacy, change, and communication strategies to improve level of client activation and engagement to ensure care delivery and promotion of wellness.
  • Identify end of life issues to inform the goals, plan of care, medication, and treatments with the client and interdisciplinary team.
  • Apply knowledge of community human services, medical systems, emerging care coordination models, law/policy, ethics, and insurance to individual cases.
  • Employ professional boundaries when working with clients and interdisciplinaryteams.
  • Employ population management strategies to assist clients to identify and address individual barriers and disparities.
  • Use effective and culturally sensitive communication techniques to build professional relationships and positive interactions across multiple cultures and demographics.

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Part Time Cost

Resident Non-Resident International
$1,235.80 $1,409.20 $3,179.50

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Course Course ID Credits Availability

Introduction to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to practice care navigation for the benefit of the client. Focus on human services and healthcare systems, social determinants of health, health literacy, chronic illness, risk and protective factors. The first of two courses leading to a certificate in care navigation.

SHS 121 5.0

Explores at an advanced level: healthcare communication strategies, health insurance systems, population health management, transitions of care, risk and protective factors in wellness promotion, preventive care, information technology in healthcare, and care plans.

SHS 122 5.0